Morgane Vantorre info

Bouc(quet) émis(myst)saire(ère) — 02.2020
Here is a poster that displays an essay I wrote about the French expression « bouc émissaire » that I have always confused with its homonym « bouquet mystère ». What interests me is show formal and phonetic similarities of the two expressions and to insist on the confusion which operates between them.

Stone carving workshop — 13.10.19 > 18.10.19
Here is my interpretation of the concept of "ouroboros" : a circular symbol that depicts a snake devouring its own tail. It is the sign of the eternal cycle of destruction and rebirth. I worked with roman caps carved in marble during a 5 days workshop at Vilnius, with the teaching of Franck Jalleau and Raphael Lefeuvre, and with the partnership of students of the Vilnius School of Arts Lithuania.

Alphabet Arithmos — 05.2019
Can the same sign have a plural meaning ? This experimental project presents the beginning of a reflection on the signifying envelope of the letter, with reference to the principle of multistability (part of Gersalt's law), which underlines the specific ability of the eye to identify a form of different ways. What about a number that becomes a letter ? From a letter that becomes a number ? Can a sign express two signified antagonists ? The idea is to explore and re-examine the potentialities of our visual acuity, our ability to recognize and attribute meaning to signs. Animated paper and digital media have been designed for this purpose.

Visual alphabet — 04.2019
Set of research and graphic experiments around the letter-image. What about its use as a creative medium ? Denuded of any semantic meanings and phonetics, of all formal and spatial conventions, can we have another approach to the signs composing our alphabet ? This project, echoing the studies of Anne-Marie Christin, focuses on the materiality of the letter and its learning. From simplified modules based on two elements (the circle and the line), the idea is to play, build, deconstruct the letters, while rethinking their relationship to space and their support.