Morgane Vantorre info

Bauhaus monographs— 11.2019
For the 100 years anniversary of Bauhaus, I made a fictive review which contains three monographs of Gunta Stölzl, Mies Van der Rohe and Marcel Breuer. My editorial concept is based on a contraining grid (inspired by bauhaus architecture) which influences text layout. See the timelapse video of the content.

Visite sensible— 11.2019
After a visite in the historitical Estienne's library I wrote and layout an essay which underlines sensitive and curious approach I felt during this experience and what it learned me. Old books are so interesting and teach us a lot, that is why I think is essential to take a look on the past in order to progress. You could find my text online here

La Chevelure — 02.2019
Graphic adaptation of a novella named La Chevelure (1894) written by Guy de Maupassant. My project focuses on expressing hypersensitivity of the protagonist, judged “mad”. I experimented the reverse printing of the paper : the reverse text is thus imprisoned by the binding, just like the character «possessed» by the discovery of a lock of hair. A superimposing print is moreover used, accentuating some words in his personal notebook, which enables a dual reading.

Altro rittrato — 06.2019
Analysis of the digitized portrait, dematerialized identity. What can a digital image say about us? Project initiation around biometric technologies (facial recognition among others).

Exode quotidien — 02.2019
This editorial project, mixing argentic photography and typography, wants to be an illustrated witness of my "daily exodus" : my daily commute of three hours, from Nanteuil-lès-Meaux to Paris. The editorial bias transcribes the unpleasant atmosphere of these travels through a systematic grid. This one also reflects the agitation of the rush of the users by exploiting the flipbook principle.

See without being seen— 05.2019
For two years, public transportations have become, in a way, my second home. My experiences have enabled me to understand many things about social interactions. Through this small photo report, accompanied by quotes from Erving Goffman, I want to immerse the reader in these situations, where relationships with others is particularly intriguing, even stressful. Everything is glance affair.