Morgane Vantorre info

Chancellerie Calligraphy — 12.2019
Self-interpretation of the capitals of the Chancellery. Based on the original version, I liked to interpret a quote from Paul Klee ("Art does not reproduce visible, it makes visible") with lots of ligatures.

Sketches — 2019
Shapes exploration. Beginning of a next serie.

Rustica Calligraphy — 10.2019
Self interpretation of Rustic capitals which are an ancient Roman calligraphic script. I tried the original version but also a bold and an condensed italic version.

Plaisir sans dessein — 05.2019
Serie of drawings from a study of the trace, the drawn form, based on the analysis of my own childhood drawings where letters and objects are as one within the image. My experience was then to try to draw with the same free gesture, the same candor regarding the support-space, the material (here of pastel fat). Without any constraint, the idea was to make images by giving a particular sensitivity to the vibrations released by the forms and the colors as well as to the motor and sensory pleasure procured.